Yippee Noodles!!

Singapore Noodle

Noodles, now not everyone is a fan of noodles, eating them with chopsticks can be a rather messy business if you’re not used to it.  I personally cannot eat noodles any other way, after spending months in ‘Pho 26’ my favourite Hong Kong restaurant refusing the use of a fork and persevering with stainless steel chop sticks.  I got there in the end…

Last week I was off to a Jazz evening (Nice) and had some time before it was due to start. So I headed towards my favourite noodle bar in Cambridge the one and only Yippee Noodles!  Its a simple restaurant where the food definitely does the talking, with its open kitchen allowing you ring side seats as your food is cooked to order.

I went for the spicy Singapore noodle with salt and pepper soft shell crab. Honestly, if you’ve never had soft shell crab, you have to try it, it’s fantastic!  As always the food was perfectly cooked and delivered to my table with virtually no wait at all maybe, 10 minutes? Definitely no more than that.  If you’re looking for a filling, tasty and quick meal in Cambridge head for Yippee Noodle its utterly fantastic!


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