Sugar is the new enemy of the masses….


So, Sugar is the new enemy of the masses, it’s ‘evil’ plan of world domination, stopped just short by some science wizardry, and it has now been caught with its saccharine fingers in many many pies!  As a little experiment for the next four weeks, I’m going to go through a sugar detox.

Now, I’m not normally one for fad diets but this one caught my eye purely because of the challenge of trying to make an interesting, and more importantly tasty food from virtually nothing, seeing as everything has sugar in it!

You start this plan with a 3 day detox, going ‘cold turkey’ with little or no sugar intake what so ever.  There is a set list of what you can and cannot eat in these ‘vital’ three days, so fair ive had  2 egg and sage omelette for breakfast, 170g roast beef for lunch and 30g of sunflower seeds to snack on.  Oh and copious amounts of green tea and water.

It should be an interesting four weeks, playing around with new ingredients and sticking to this plan to get off sugar, which according to the papers we are all addicted to.  I’ll keep you updated on my progress.



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