A bit hooked on Diners, Dive-Ins and Dives

Just a quick one, Recently, I’ve been watching Food Network a lot, and now I’m absolutely hooked on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives and Guys Big Bite.  I have no idea why but theres something about the enthusiasm of Guy who presents it that I can watch for hours (and I’m not exaggerating) at a time.


But it’s not just non thinking food telly. I have learned a couple of little tricks whilst watching it, that has made some of the things I cook a little easier. For example, rather than making meatloaf (the food) in a loaf tin, make a sausage shape and wrap it foil.  Then, once its done slice it and give it a quick flash fry to get some cracking caramelisation! Or simply because im a sucker for Buffalo style hot wings, shake the wings in the sauce rather than shaking the sauce over the wings.


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