Portly’s Halloween Bake Off

The muffins

I’m lucky enough as part of my job to be able to teach people how to cook.  It’s all about starting off simple and mastering the techniques. Once you have those, I think you can make anything!  This time we were doing muffins. It was a simple mixture and one of my go to recipes for any cakey confection.

  • 8oz Flour
  • 8oz Caster Sugar
  • 8oz Butter
  • 4 Eggs

2013-10-17 16.42.36

For me it works every time and makes lovely Victoria sponges and some marvellous muffins.  Seeing as it was near Halloween we decided that we’d try and make some halloweeny style muffins.  There were however a few problems the first one being that the muffin pans hadn’t arrived, which caused a slight bit of panic but we went free style! They turned out alright in the end the fillings were chocolate and marshmallow and resulted in some happy students!  The decorations however kinda worked, we had planned for the biscuits to be grave stones but it didn’t really turn out like that with most people just eating the biscuits as we went along. But, it was a good afternoon and now the students who made the muffins have a n easy go to recipe for cakes without having to rush to cook book when they need to make a cake!



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