Chocolat and Tapas

As i write this i’m waiting for a bus in the warm drizzle of a summers afternoon. It’s been an interesting afternoon, i took a trip into Cambridge and sampled some foodie delights.

First stop lunch, the plan was intially to go try some dim sum at buffet i had heard good things about. Alas they were too busy (which shows the food is good or its cheap..) so a reschedule was in order, still in the mood for small plate food for sharing rather than the traditional single dish per person we settled upon a place offering three tapas dishes for £12 which for their price were fairly large a d left s feeling more than satisfied.

We choose; Mozzerella Balls deep fried in breadcrumbs with red onion chutney, a trio of hummus with chunky bread and finally delightfully smokey chargrilled chicken and courgette skewers with a tangy tomato dressing. Although not the height of fine dining for lunch with a friend they were just perfect to nibble and chat to.

For pudding, i went to a shop i have been meaning to browse through si ce it opened. ‘Chocolat Chocolat’ sits lroudly next to the Grand Arcade, Cambridgr as a mecca for all things chocolate. After having a browse and breathing in the heavenly scent of fresh chocolate i had tk buy some there wasn’t anything i could do not to.

The rains coming down a little harder now.. and my chocolates are almost finished… i got myself a selection although i must say i wishbi’d picked up more of the praline slices, these multi layered mini rectangals are devine! Also in the selection; Pistachio Turkish Delight (which was a real delight i can tell you) Chocolate Orange Truffle, Chocolate Mousse and coming in at number 2 just behind the praline a tiramisu chocolate with  a small chocolate tweal on the top!

I can only say go have a look around if you have the time, sample the samples and get yourself a little bag of choccies to be going on with it wont disappoint! Anyway the bus is here now im going to get out of the rain


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