Having a go at Sushi!

Salmon Sushi

Sushi, I love Sushi (even the supermarket stuff) there are a few good sushi places around me, but I have been thinking ‘How hard can it be?’ Of course that’s not a dig at the art of a Sushi Chef, but after reading some ‘how to’ blogs, I thought to myself ‘I can do that!’

So I had a rummage around in the cupboards and found I have some bamboo rolling mats (they’ve been used as place mats but never for their actual purpose) then it was off to the shop to get the rest of my required ingredients.

I’m lucky enough to have an excellent fishmongers very close to me and I knew that they would have the stuff I needed.  After explaining what I planned to do I left the store with some tail on cooked prawns that I could butterfly for my nigiri and some fresh sashimi grade Tuna and Salmon that I could thinly slice for my attempt at making nori style rolls.

Once I got the fish home I set about cooking the rice, it’s fairly simple stick it on a high heat until the water boils then simmer for ten minutes, then stir in some sugar dissolved in rice wine vinegar and leave to cool.  Once the rice was cool enough to handle I scooped up little balls and formed rice into small rectangular shaped pieces, cut the prawns and stuck them on top with a little wasabi (also bought from the fishmonger).

They looked pretty good, so it was on to the hard part making the nori style rolls.  I got out my seaweed and laid it onto the mat and liberally covered it in a nice layer of the now seriously sticky sushi rice.  Once I’d done that I placed some very thin slices of the fish onto the rice and attempted to roll it up.  After a couple of goes I managed to roll one that looked half decent and carried on from there.

Sushi definitely (well for me anyway) needs a little time and a little patience to get right but once you do the rewards are excellent and it makes the perfect starter or light nibbles at a dinner party or something similar!

  • 100G Sashimi Grade Tuna
  • 100g Sashimi Grade Salmon (Works well with Smoked Salmon too!)
  • 250g Sushi Rice
  • Seaweed Sheets
  • Tail on prawns

Happy Rolling!


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