Missing Cooking… Must do more!

Last week was a slightly odd week in the sense that I didn’t really do all that much cooking, and over the weekend the closest I got to anything culinary was a bacon and egg baguette at breakfast.  I tried to continue my week’s mission to eat more fish and I did complete the task I had set myself.

Thursday night was Sea Bream, which I must confess is one of my favourites. What made it even more delightful; I managed to get my hands on some Samphire.  If you’ve never eaten it’s very much akin to asparagus but due to its propensity to grow in salt marshes (most notably in the UK on the Norfolk coast) it doesn’t require all that much seasoning or fancy sauces.  The Samphire I got hold of though, was from Israel (we’ll gloss over the carbon footprint as it tasted wonderful!) and formed the bed on which I rested my Bream fillet. For the recipe click here.

To go with the Bream and Samphire I par boiled some mini new potatoes and then roasted them with some thyme and for a final flourish I pan fried some brown shrimp (another Norfolk delicacy from Kings Lynn) with a little butter and a crushed garlic clove and spooned that over the fish just before serving.

Friday was less impressive when it came to cooking just a simple swordfish steak seasoned and grilled until nicely golden and served with the left over new potatoes (boiled this time) and some green beans.  Strangely though for all of its simplicity and rather dull appearance on the plate it really was enjoyable to sit and eat.

So that was my week of trying to eat more fish and it worked to some extent but like so many of my reports from my schools days the phrase ‘just give it 10% more’ is ringing in my ears. So that is exactly what I’ll do give it that extra 10% and see what comes of it.


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