An evening with Bread…

Bread… there is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh loaf wafting through the house.  It’s a comforting smell and is so popular that you’re supposed to make a loaf and bung it in the oven when you are in the process of selling your house!  That said we tried using one of the packet mix for bread that you can buy readily from the shelves of the big supermarkets.  We went for a white loaf and a granary loaf (nothing to adventurous to begin with).  We ended up with one loaf after our attempt at making one of the loaves using a bread maker failed spectacularly.

The resulting loaf was better suited for use in building…  so as you may imagine we gave up on the bread maker whose instructions were simply, turn on, select loaf type, press go.  Hence we returned to the traditional by hand method.  So we measured the correct amount of water and set to work kneading bread though maybe a little strenuous is I think one of the best things to do in the kitchen.  After 15 minutes our bread was ready to prove.  They say bread should double in size when proving and after two hours sitting atop the oven ours had nearly tripled.  30 minutes later, the house was full of the wonderful scent of fresh bread, and theres only one thing you can do in a situation like that, grab a bread knife cut a doorstop size slice, smother it in butter and indulge.

Now I’m not advocating here for the packet mix bread. I was just surprised at how well it actually worked I’m always slightly wary of ‘just add water’ always reminds me of Pot Noodles at festivals. I’m still all for making ‘proper’ bread with either dried or live yeast but for simplicity the packet stuff isn’t bad just for sandwiches during the week.  If you’re more technologically minded than me and have a bread maker that you can understand, you can even set them to mix, knead and bake your bread so in the morning you have a fresh loaf. What could be better?



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